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Retired mooring ropes

Philippines (Cebu)

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Sep Verboom

Livable Seas, Livable Futures: A Collaboration with C-Loop

Livable Platform partners with Cloop working together with families of the local rope recyling community. The aim is to transform retired mooring ropes from the maritime vessels into new materials for manufacturing new ropes. 

Today most of retired ropes are ending at landfills or incineration, but in some countries in Asia and Africa – retired mooring ropes are a source of material for local businesses...

Rope Hope, an initiative led by Livable platform in collaboration with C-Loop, stands as a beacon of sustainable transformation within local rope recycling communities. Our mission is to empower families in these communities by engaging them in the repurposing of retired mooring ropes from maritime vessels into new materials.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to cleanliness, transparency, and adherence to international production facility standards and governance. By harnessing the expertise of C-Loop, we aim to navigate the complexities of the value chain, ensuring its viability on a small scale while prioritizing safety and ease of operation.

Central to our vision is the ability to track and address the challenges of waste within the local context. Through a dedicated long-term project, alongside C-Loop's venture, we aim to pilot small-scale transformations of mooring ropes, thereby empowering families in challenging communities.

Our Goals:

  1. Repurposing Mooring Ropes: Transform retired mooring ropes from maritime vessels into new rope materials, thereby extending their lifecycle and reducing environmental impact.

  2. Market Expansion: Define new markets for recycled and repurposed ropes, fostering sustainability and innovation within the industry.

  3. Local Collaboration: Identify and engage with local partners for collaborative efforts, ensuring community involvement and support.

  4. Efficient Labor Practices: Introduce tools and small machines to enhance labor efficiency, improving productivity and livelihoods.

  5. Environmental Health: Foster a clean and healthy work and living environment for community members involved in the rope recycling process.

  6. Standardization and Governance: Professionalize operations to meet international production facility standards and governance, ensuring quality and reliability.

  7. Educational Support: Provide educational tools and support for a sustainable future, empowering communities with knowledge and self-determination.

Livable Platform started the exploration with the Suba Masulog recycled rope weaving community in 2014, more information.
Rope Hope 2.0 is made possible by our partner C-Loop, Circular Solutions for the Maritme and funded by the Tom Wilhelmsen foundation, aiming at empowering local communities in the Philippines.



Providing environmentally conscious alternatives for the maritime industry. As a leader of maritime sustainability solutions, C-Loop develop groundbreaking practices within the maritime industry using innovative technologies and processes that bring maritime consumables into second life in a most sustainable way, making C-Loop a true waste to value enterprise.

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Sep Verboom

The Belgian creative Sep Verboom (1990) is at once designer and social entrepreneur, less concerned with the objectification of the result, more with the context in which it takes place.

‘Too often we measure success and profit in terms of economic values. What happened to the importance of people’s well-being and health of our environment?’

Through his Livable® platform, Verboom brings together partners as diverse as their geographies: from the Peruvian Amazon to Indonesia, and from local governments or commercial companies to NGO’s.

Verboom graduated with a degree in Industrial Design (HOWEST) and in Sustainable Development from (VIVES) both in Kortrijk (BE).

His collaborative approach has been internationally recognised, with numerous expositions and awards. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the Belgian Henry Van De Velde Award for Young Talent. In 2020 his commitment to socially engaged design earned him the prestigious title ‘Designer of the Year’ by Biennale Interieur.