Isabeau Goddé / Amber Dewaele

De-flooring solution

What happens when you let two young, promising designers work on your product under the guidance of an experienced designer?

Livable Platform selected and coached young talents Amber Dewaele and Isabeau Goddé to take the floor out from under your feet with IVC Commercial!
Design and wellbeing play a key role in the brand positioning of IVC Commercial, in which the human being as end-user is central. The DE-flooring installation is a translation of these values.


Biophilic design focuses on integrating natural elements, shapes and textures into an environment in order to promote well-being and positivity. It is proven that this helps us to be happier and healthier. Therefore, in this installation we looked for another way to integrate biophilic design without using the stereotypical, visual aspect of the floor.


We deliberately chose to build an installation from the 'hacked' material instead of designing an end product or object. We wanted to create an experience in which our separate fields of expertise would best flow together into a simultaneous whole.

Isabeau's textile background, Amber's narrative and product-technical aspect and Sep Verboom's conceptual coherence led to the realisation of this installation.

Hack The Material - A Flooring Experiment is a creative collaboration between IVC Commercial and Design Regio Kortrijk in the framework of the Wonder Creativity Festival. DE-flooring was to be visited at WONDER - Kortrijk Creativity Festival 2021


Designregio Kortrijk

Designregio Kortrijk brings talent together in this UNESCO-recognised creative design region to imagine, design and make a better future. Togheter with our network, we build a more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial region.


IVC commercial

IVC commercial is a global player in the design and manufacture of flooring solutions including Carpet Tiles, LVT and Heterogeneous Vinyl for use in business, public and private environments.


Isabeau Goddé

Textile designer Isabeau Goddé graduated with her research No Time To Waste (KASK). Here, Isabeau Goddé investigated the possibilities of an often neglected by-product in the textile industry: fluff. Instead of writing it off as waste, it is regarded as a valuable raw material. Research into its properties, movements and behaviour has led to the creation of perishable fluff yarns, sheets and blocks. With this project Isabeau wants to encourage people to use their intuition and creativity to rethink the concept of waste.


Amber Dewaele

Amber Dewaele (1997°) is a Belgium designer who is often seen as someone who seeks complexity in simplicity. A key pillar in designing for her is the narrative aspect. The first idea often germinates from a certain philosophy. From the rough idea to the implementation, functionality is the common thread throughout the process. This common thread defines the artistic approach to a functional yet poetic end product. While designing Amber always tries to listen to her inner child. It provides her with a rich source of inspiration. "Playfulness" is therefore often reflected in her designs..