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Sep Verboom

Volmaakt & Livable Platform shed light on bicycle culture with the Curve lamp.

Volmaakt challenged Livable Platform to collaborate with Leuven-based VELO vzw to find a new use for surplus bikes and bike parts.

VELO vzw is a social customization company dedicated to the integration of people distanced from the labor market through bicycle projects. The organization offers training, work experience and employment in the bicycle sector.

Livable Platform and Volmaakt went through a thorough exploration phase during the design process, creating a playful nod to the world of cycling. The result takes advantage of the versatility and presence of curved metal tube structures inspired by handlebar joints. Although everyone has had these materials in their hands before, a new context, interpretation and orientation leads to a surprising result.

The Curve lamp sheds light on bicycle culture. The subtle variations and flowing forms create a soft, artisanal touch with an industrial character.

Launching during FOR THE NOW 23+24 september 2023 at Tour & Taxis Brussels!

This perfect project was made possible in part by Province of Flemish Brabant & City of Leuven



Volmaakt builds an inclusive world through the power of design. The Ghent design label connects designers and tailor-made companies and develops social and sustainable design products.

Passions, skills and the common pursuit of beauty and perfection come together in the design collections. The collaboration between designer and bespoke company is a win-win situation in which the potential and expectations of both partners are considered equal.

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Velo vzw

VELO provides training opportunities, work experience and employment to diverse community groups who have difficulty accessing the labor market.

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Sep Verboom

The Belgian creative Sep Verboom (1990) is at once designer and social entrepreneur, less concerned with the objectification of the result, more with the context in which it takes place.

‘Too often we measure success and profit in terms of economic values. What happened to the importance of people’s well-being and health of our environment?’

Through his Livable® platform, Verboom brings together partners as diverse as their geographies: from the Peruvian Amazon to Indonesia, and from local governments or commercial companies to NGO’s.

Verboom graduated with a degree in Industrial Design (HOWEST) and in Sustainable Development from (VIVES) both in Kortrijk (BE).

His collaborative approach has been internationally recognised, with numerous expositions and awards. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the Belgian Henry Van De Velde Award for Young Talent. In 2020 his commitment to socially engaged design earned him the prestigious title ‘Designer of the Year’ by Biennale Interieur.