Collect It


Collectible Design Fair



Sep Verboom

Design in a contemporary form has the power to reflect the challenges surrounding us.

If we do choose to follow this scene using design and its functionality as a metaphor of art, well let it be for the good cause.  Functional for the public, the open space, the generally good.

Based on research, we used the latest trend of Aluminium to create a public-place-of-debate. 
‘Collect it’ is for sale by auction. Any profit goes to the non-profit SamuSocial, emergency aid for homeless people in Brussels.

‘Collect it’ is an open invitation by the Livable-platform. Defining arts and crafts into a medium that contributes functionally to society.


Sep Verboom

The Belgian creative Sep Verboom (1990) is at once designer and social entrepreneur, less concerned with the objectification of the result, more with the context in which it takes place.

‘Too often we measure success and profit in terms of economic values. What happened to the importance of people’s well-being and health of our environment?’

Through his Livable® platform, Verboom brings together partners as diverse as their geographies: from the Peruvian Amazon to Indonesia, and from local governments or commercial companies to NGO’s.

Verboom graduated with a degree in Industrial Design (HOWEST) and in Sustainable Development from (VIVES) both in Kortrijk (BE).

His collaborative approach has been internationally recognised, with numerous expositions and awards. In 2018 Sep Verboom won the Belgian Henry Van De Velde Award for Young Talent. In 2020 his commitment to socially engaged design earned him the prestigious title ‘Designer of the Year’ by Biennale Interieur.