4 diverse audiences and participants

Brugge & Roeselare

BOUWSTOF is a project of vzw de Batterie in collaboration with several designers, a project investigating shared space & how it is repurposed with recycled plastics.

De Batterie reached out to Livable platform with the idea to work on recycled materials. Livable Platform translated the principles of the precious plastic project into a design methodology.

Participants in the neighbourhood collected and shredded plastic waste materials using a shredding machine build by Atelier Winters. These raw materials were created into recycled plate materials by Bel Albatros.

Julie Blanckaert and Livable designer Florentien Pletinckx worked on a design trajectory and built their shared creations on site in close collaboration with the participants.

In a first phase, we conducted this research at 4 private venues with 4 diverse audiences and participants.
De Schoor ( Day counselling for young people up to 18 years), Bruges
Pastorie Préferé, Sint-Pieters community centre, Bruges
LOI Local shelter initiative for asylum seekers, Roeselare
De Plekke, homeless shelter, Roeselare

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De Batterie

De Batterie is a participatory art practice that develops long-term artistic projects in Flanders and Brussels. De Batterie gives children, young people and adults from the most diverse walks of life a voice and offers them a platform from the arts to communicate with the environment in which they live. In collaboration with professional artists, the Batterie starts from a new context for each project. This results in an operation that keeps moving, innovating and looking for a relevant social role. The Batterie therefore also works closely with many partners from the education, welfare, and cultural sectors.


Atelier Winters

Atelier Winters 3D engineering, CNC milling prototypes and precision parts.


Bel Albatros

Bel Albatros is the accomplice of all creative people: The innovators, the lovers of beauty, the optimists, the eccentrics, the wise, the daring, those who dare to invent or define their own rules, those who are looking for or who carry out a project and who are looking for more transparency. As a manufacturer, we know the thrill of turning an idea into ambition, whether through commitment to a sensible world or simply out of love for aesthetics. At Bel Albatros, we know that the most beautiful future can arise from its imperfection.