Celebrating 20 years of DAMN° magazine: Topsoil Stools

15 - 21/04/2024

To make the occasion DAMN° will present TOPSOIL STOOLS – a series of small sitting objects mostly made from materials found in and on topsoil.

TOPSOIL STOOLS explores what crafts are still alive and what natural resources are available in remote or forgotten regions. Mapping local makers and designers is an important part of this journey that ends with locally embedded objects rooted in their environment and connected to the soul of the creator and the land.

Every region included in the exhibition has a wealth of natural resources, materials and knowledge. These are all sources of inspiration for starting research or developing projects and objects rooted in the local environment. Elements of local history, culture, environment, society and economy are brought together. The preservation and revival of local crafts in a contemporary context are central.

DAMN° presents 20 artists and designers to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and we happy to be included with our 'Kurk kruk', cork stool!

The exhibition runs from 15th - 21st April 2024 from 10:30 - 19:00 at 5VIE at Palazzo Litta, Milan, IT.

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